Change came to the East Bay, and it's not for the better.
The noise impact may be an irritation to many, but is harm to all.

Particulate Pollution • Increased Coronary Risk
Children's Learning Delays • Real Estate Value Decline

Aircraft Flight Track Data, Before and After East Bay NextGen Changes
HMMH report presented at April 20, 2016 OAK Noise Forum meeting



After much deliberation, debate and research, the Oakland Airport-Community Noise Management Forum has sent a detailed and comprehensive NextGen aircraft noise mitigation proposal to the FAA. It’s titled Supplemental Proposals to Revising the Northern California Metroplex For Alameda County/Contra Costa County, and the additional time it took was worth it. The list of professionals, writers, editors and supporters include:

  • Landrum & Brown aviation consultants for the Noise Forum who reviewed the proposals and made constructive suggestions to clarify the document
  • A Letter of Support from Oakland City Officials: Mayor Libby Schaaf, City Council President Larry Reid, and Vice Mayor Annie Campbell-Washington
  • A Letter of Support from Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley
  • Significant input and support from airplane noise advocacy groups from Save Our Skies East Bay, Alameda (C.L.A.S.S), and Berkeley (Keep Jets Over the Bay) who were all instrumental in formulating mitigation solutions with the Noise Forum

SOSEB deeply appreciates and thanks all who were involved in supporting and in getting this proposal from the Oakland Noise Forum to the FAA. We especially thank:

  • Congresswoman Barbara Lee for being instrumental in encouraging the FAA to work with our community.

  • The Cities of Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro and Alameda deserve thanks for adopting resolutions urging the FAA to fix the noise problems.

  • Huge thanks to the Oakland Noise Forum and its NextGen Subcommittee for drafting the proposal.

  • The Oakland Airport for their support and help.

Can I read the proposal?

Yes! As the proposal is technical and complicated reading, SOSEB prepared a summary of the proposal, which was presented at the January 2017 Noise Forum Meeting and is available by clicking here.

The full proposal is available on the Oakland Noise Forum website http://flyquietoak.com/pages/noise-forum/noise-forum.html. Select the “Forum” tab at the top and go to the “Nextgen” option there to find it.

What Happens Now?

The dialogue continues with the FAA and we wait for their response. The FAA will review the proposals, and we expect a reply with their opinions and suggestions. The proposals also specifically request that, for any proposals the FAA does not consider preliminarily feasible, they should provide specific reasons for such a determination. The FAA may also suggest additional mitigation proposals or modifications for consideration. No timeline for review has been established as of now, but the proposals do request that the FAA work expeditiously and provide a time guideline.

Stay tuned and keep up the complaints and letters!

Go to our Take Action tab to find out what you can do to help.

Yes – Even More REAL News…

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FEBRUARY 6, 2017: 



The FAA has promoted Glen Martin, the previous Western-Pacific Regional Administrator. He has been replaced by Dennis Roberts. We look forward to working with Dennis and hope he is as responsive to our situation as Glen was to the South Bay.


(Photo: Asher Langton)


Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm 
Port of Oakland, Board Room, 2nd Floor, 530 Water Street 
Oakland's Jack London Square

The Oakland Airport/Community Noise Management Forum (Noise Forum) was created to address community noise concerns and make recommendations to the Port of Oakland's Executive Director on noise related issues at Oakland International Airport (OAK). This critically important meeting is an opportunity for residents who are impacted by excessive airplane noise and air pollution from the FAA's NextGen program to ask questions and communicate their concerns. A representative from the FAA will be present at the meeting and community members are strongly encouraged to attend. For more information, please see the OAK Noise Management Program at FlyQuietOak.com



Oakland Airport Noise Forum Votes to Send Proposals to FAA

One Big Step for Our Airplane Noise Impacted Communities 

Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

Community members packed the January 18, 2017 Oakland Airport-Community Noise Management Forum (Noise Forum). Elected officials and their representatives, including Oakland's Vice Mayor Annie Campbell Washington and staff from the offices of Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley came to the meeting. Our voices were heard, including those who emailed their concerns to the Noise Forum. 

The community-driven proposals to mitigate NextGen airplane noise were very well received by the Noise Forum members who voted unanimously to send them up the ladder to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Once the proposals are finalized by the Noise Forum they will be posted on the Save Our Skies East Bay (SOSEB) website, along with an FAQ section. 

We definitely have the ears and sympathy of the Noise Forum and that is a major accomplishment. Without your participation and support, we would not have achieved this important step. But we still have a long way to go and need your continued help. 

We know it's hard, but keep complaining to Oakland and San Francisco International Airports, and our elected officials. The FAA puts a lot of weight on the number of complainants, so just one or two complaints, every day, from lots of people, is extremely effective. It all helps keep the pressure on the FAA to make sure this issue remains a top priority. 

Thanks for keeping up the fight! 

Helen, Leslie, Kathryn, Jeff, Bruce, Jim, Peter, Virginia, Michael and Reva
Save Our Skies East Bay 




The verbatim transcript of FAA Western-Pacific Regional Administrator Glen Martin's presentation on NextGen-related noise concerns at the October 19, 2016 Oakland Airport-Community Noise Management Forum can be viewed here: 


Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

SOSEB would like to thank the East Bay community for submitting questions and comments to the Oakland Airport-Community Noise Management Forum for the FAA. The October 19 Noise Forum meeting was very well-attended (standing-room-only) and adjourned at 9:45 pm. 

Glen Martin, FAA Western-Pacific Regional Administrator, gave a PowerPoint presentation and answered questions on cards from the audience. He discussed three new concentrated NextGen flight paths and procedures that are impacting the East Bay --- HUSSH, WNDSR, and TRUKN. The types of questions that were asked included: 

  • The timeline, proposed routes for noise mitigation, and review process to implement changes
  • Why overflights are concentrated over densely populated residential areas and not San Francisco Bay
  • Are the proposed goals of increased safety, efficiency, and reduced fuel burn being achieved
  • The health and environmental impacts of increased airplane noise and air pollution

The Noise Forum is preparing a transcript of FAA Regional Administrator Martin's presentation and Q&A which will be available in approximately three weeks. We will post the transcript on our website as soon as it becomes available. 

Mr. Martin's PowerPoint can be viewed here:

SOSEB's presentation can be viewed here: 

Thanks to all for your participation. Our voices are stronger together! 

Helen, Leslie, Kathryn, Jeff, Bruce, Jim, Peter, Virginia, Michael, and Reva
Save Our Skies East Bay 

NextGen paths
(Photo: Ben Shelef)
Map of NextGen flight paths over the East Bay: OAK WNDSR Arrivals (blue line) and SFO TRUKN Departures (green lines)